Moving Tips

Tips On Hiring A Moving Company

Most people find it hard to decide how to go about moving from one place to another.

Common questions pop in like:

  • Would I need to hire a moving company?
  • What are the services available? Will they pack, load, ship, and unpack my things?
  • How much would it cost me?

Several factors are to be considered, including budget, timelines, and complexity of the transfer. More often, a self-move with a little help from friends is not practical, especially if you have a lot of things.

To help you make a decision, here are some tips:

  • Know how much stuff you need to move. Different rates apply to the various sizes of the trucks that are usually available. It is important that you know the sizes and how much it can carry. Count your number of rooms and see what is applicable for you based on the following U-Haul sample truck-size guide:
    • 10’ can transfer a studio type apartment
    • 14’ can accommodate 1 to 2 bedrooms
    • 17’ can carry 2-3 bedrooms
    • 24’ can move about 3-4 bedrooms
    • 26’ can transfer 4 or more bedrooms
  • Once you know the size of the truck that you need, get a cost estimate from at least 3 to 4 moving companies. The distance of the move would be included in the computation of the cost aside from the type of truck that you would need, therefore, get an idea how much fuel would be consumed on the trip before you get a quotation. Certain distance and fuel calculators are available online and you might find it useful to use them in estimating the travel cost.
  • After getting several quotes, know the services included as well. Some companies will do everything from packing to shipping, unloading and unpacking, while others simply load and unload. It is up to your budget and needs, but what’s important is you know beforehand what your requirements are. Lastly, check if the moving company you want to hire is reliable. Most companies have websites, and better ask for references before hiring one.

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