Moving Day Help

The day for your Plano move is just getting close. That’s when you find out who your true friends are! You may find that the friends you were depending on suddenly have unexpected meetings and just can’t manage to help you load the truck. On the other hand, you thought everything was going to be easy, but suddenly you find that there are many more moving boxes that you imagined. Or even you started moving some boxes and suddenly need help!

So it is time to look at other movers Plano options, and fast. Luckily there are quite a few choices available, from professional movers with some spare time looking for side jobs to pay-as-you-go day laborers. Hopefully you are not moving in the peak summer month just before school starts, as that is the most difficult time to find moving help, as most moving companies are booked up then.
Here are several choices:
1. Specialized Moving help companies. There are many companies that specialize in providing exactly what you need – moving helpers. You can find many online and most will send you a quote based on responses to their questionnaire. These companies will charge a minimum, usually two hours with a smaller hourly fee for additional time.
2. Truck rental companies. If you’ve rented from somebody like U-Haul or Budget, they will often have a list of local helpers that have worked with moving companies. They may be able to offer a discount as well.
3. Professional moving companies such as Movers Plano. Even if they have not got the job to move your household goods, they may still be happy to supply hourly-paid workers, if they are not too busy. It will be more difficult in the summer months, but still worth a try. The benefit of this option is that the workers supplied will be professionals who can offer packing tips and better ways of moving heavy items.
4. Temporary agencies. Although these companies mostly specialize in office workers, some also handle general labor needs. It is worth calling with your requirements, and they are likely to quote you a flat hourly rate for each worker. Just be warned, these workers are mostly for muscle and probably won’t have any moving expertise.
5. Laborers. In most areas, you can hire day laborers. Most cities certainly have areas of town where day laborers congregate early in the morning looking for work (often at Home Depots or Lowes). You will have to negotiate the fee, which can vary in about the range from $10 to $20 an hour.