Moving Companies

Choosing the Right Moving Company

Are you just a little bit worried about employing some rogue, fly-by-night movers to relocate all of your earthly belongings half way across the country?

If so, then the following snippets of advice will prove invaluable as you hunt for a trustworthy moving company that will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Define what you are looking for

Choose the right kind of moving company. There are several different kinds, such as interstate moving companies, relocation services, local movers, pack-and-stack and trucking services.

Get referrals

You can ask around your friends, neighbors and work colleagues for recommendations and warnings about what moving companies to avoid.

Make a shortlist and each firm on your list

Once you have made a list of potential moving companies to choose from, call each of them. You can find out a few things to help you decide, by asking how long they have been operating, how much training and experience does their staff have, are they insured, and do they have the licenses needed for interstate relocations.

Check that the company you are considering is legitimate

This means checking their credentials and making sure they are insured. You can contact state transportation regulators, or look for the Department of Transportation or Public Utility Commissions in the phone book.

Inquire if the moving company is affiliated with any trade organization

If they are a member of a respectable organization, for instance the American Movers Conference, then this is a pretty sure bet that they are a reputable firm. An association like this can also assist in dispute resolution.

Check for complaints against the company

You can make inquiries with the Better Business Bureau and see if the company has had many complaints made against them in the past.

By this stage you should have narrowed down your shortlist considerably, and you can now move on to asking for estimates, knowing that whatever company you choose, you are going to be in a very safe pair of hands.

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