Choosing a Mover

Three Things To Consider When Choosing a Mover

Most people think that moving from one place to another is very expensive, especially if you have a lot of stuff to move.

With the advantages of hiring a moving company, most just swallow the costs, and think of the benefits that go with the decision to hire a moving company. To help you reduce unnecessary expenses, here are some tips:

  • Do not book a moving company at the last minute. You need to at least start scouting about 6 weeks in advance. This way, you can have enough time to get different quotations, compare rates, and do some background check on the potential companies you want to hire. Booking early and getting to know the company is not just about reducing costs, but it is for your safety and security as well. If you hire at the last minute, it is most likely that you would just settle for what is available, to the point of possibly getting a truck that may be too big for your requirement. Take note that seasons like summer and the Christmas holidays are busy periods, and you might end up paying more if you schedule your move on these months.
  • Understand the rates and the services to be given. Once you book a company, know the details of the services to be rendered that must be clearly stated on the contract. Sometimes, additional fees are communicated at the last minute like when they do ocular visits to the place where you will transfer, parking fees, additional manpower fees, and much more. You might be surprised how your budget will balloon – so better ask before signing the contract.
  • Never move without a plan. As much as possible, have at least a plan even if your timeline is tight and won’t allow you to have a full-scale moving plan. At the very least, give time to organize your move. Know the things you want to carry with you and the specific requirements to transfer them. Give yourself some time to get the appropriate quotations and hire the company that would give you the best offer. Having a plan does not only save you money, but will take away your stress while preparing for that move.